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We rent analog and digital mobile radios (DMR) from Motorola and Hytera

Most rentals customers needs are satisfied with the Hytera TC610 or the Motorola CP200 uhf radio's. These two radio's give best indoor and outdoor performance with ease of operation too.

The Hytera PD702U is a designated DMR device that operates with many of the same benefits along the lines of a smart phone. These smart radio's have outstanding voice clarity, extended range, can be encrypted and are excellent in high noise and high moisture environments.

The Hytera X1e Digital Portable Radio truly an executive class device. It is the world's smallest full power DMR radio and offers the perfect balance of structural rigidity, versatile functionalities, and refined design. Secure communication is ensured by AES encryption algorithm & 256 digit dynamic encryption keys.

The Motorola HT1000 IS CSA radio is designated as intrinsically safe, operates at 1 watt and is used in any explosive environment.

A base station is in a dispatch situation where operators are generally speaking to a large # of users. The radio's transmit at high power levels giving the transmission extended range.

A repeater is a computerized device that receives and transmits your voice over greater distances or in more difficult environments such as very large buildings or very hilly terrain.


Lapel Speaker Microphone. Known as a speaker mic. This is our most popular accessory.

Light duty headsets. These are popular in very low noise environments such as shooting a movie.

Leather Carry cases and belts are available to add protection for the radio as well as comfort for the user.